Wednesday, June 22, 2005

fond memories...

there are so many good things that came from Dad's life and in these final hours/days i am thinking only of those things. Because i would not be who i am today if he had not come into our lives when he did. it feels good to remember the first time i saw him, coming up the front walk of our house, looking like Jesus. seriously. every painting i ever saw of Jesus is what Dad looked like that first day. It was weird because he was Mom's boyfriend, not an uncle or cousin, and he liked Mom and took her places and made her happy again.She had been sad for so long, it seemed. He had a tiny little car, and it was an orange Ford Pinto. i remember years later he got in an accident with it, and thank goodness it did not blow up.i remember moving into his giant house and him putting in a pool so we'd have fun in the summertime.He and Mommy had these great fun friends and they had awesome 70's parties DURING the 70's, with lots of wine and music and that crappy red cheese. we'd sit at the top of the stairs and listen and try to get a clear spot to go and raid the snack tables!He was never an over loving man, not touchy-feeling but i could feel that he cared.
When he and my Mom divorced, we became even closer.
he danced with me on my wedding day to his favorite song, "What a Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong. He danced to 'Jump Around" with my brother, one of my favorite memories of my wedding day.
he has a great smile.
he designed a computer that counts how many times a Ion collides in a SECOND!

we're going to miss him so much. when i think of him passing on, that poem The Rainbow bridge comes into my mind, i think of his dog, Dale, wagging her tail, almost impatiently, waiting for her Daddy to go for a walk on the beach again. Dale died in December.

thanks for reading, friends.


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